Work With A Tax Accountant To Get More Out of Your Tax Returns

Work With A Tax Accountant To Get More Out of Your Tax Returns

We provide tax preparation in Katy, TX

As you may already know, new tax laws were recently passed by the government that will affect your taxes in 2018. Whether you're the head of household or a business owner, you want to be sure you're getting the most of your return. Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA offers tax preparation services in Katy, TX. We'll help you file your taxes and get all the necessary paperwork in order. Contact us today to speak with a tax accountant in Katy, TX. Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA has thorough experience with corporation taxes, with small and medium sized corporations. He can handle S Corps, partnerships, personal tax returns and provide individuals with strategies for how they can reduce their taxes.

Why Bryant Gaudette, CPA Is The Best Choice For Your Accounting Needs

We understand that no two people or companies are alike when it comes to tax preparation. Instead, we are sure that working with Bryant Gaudette, CPA ensures thorough and quality work, backed by years of experience. Bryant:

  • Has prepared and advised small and medium sized corporations on their taxes for the past 16 years.
  • Advises people and corporations on how to reduce their taxes by providing them tax strategies that help them reduce taxes.
  • Prepares CCorp tax returns.
  • Prepares SCorp tax returns.
  • Prepares Partnership tax returns.
  • Prepares Schedule C’s for small businesses
  • Prepares individual 1040 tax returns.

It's our job to understand the updated tax code so you can still get the most out of your tax return. Call 713-252-5190 today to get tax preparation help in Katy, TX.



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