Who Offers Auditing Services in Katy, TX?

Who Offers Auditing Services in Katy, TX?

Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA handles government entity audits

When it comes to businesses and government entities, you want to be sure your finances are in order. Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA offers auditing services in Katy, TX and the surrounding area. We'll be sure your finances meet the required rules and standards. Our accountant provides comprehensive audit, review and compilation services. Call 713-252-5190 today to speak with an auditor in Katy, TX.

We're experienced with different types of audits

We have the skill and attention to detail you want when it comes to the auditing of local, state and federal government organizations. We handle:

  • Government audits
  • Public housing audits
  • PCAOB broker-dealer audits

We will review internal controls, as well as operating and financial systems. You can also have us look over employee benefit plans and compliance. Contact Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA today for auditing services in Katy, TX.